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Ramadan 2020 Planning During Covid-19

Ramadan 2020 Planning During Covid-19 is different yet special this year, I won’t say under the pandemic indeed over.

In addition to the fasting and the ultimate spiritual stat to alter.

Ramadan is coming to help us be patient under the current circumstances.

And take advantage of the quarantine to fulfill the goal of Ramadan to work on the self-awareness.

With the following planning step by step, day after day along the 30 days.

Steady and confident with Allah guidance, grace and mercy.

So without further saying let jump right into it together hand by hand.

The goal is very clear and the planning is very simple need only two precious things.

Free well and commitment like life itself and of course respecting the lockdown rules.

Ramadan 2020 Planning During Covid-19 goal will be different and special with a good 14 steps when technology serve tremendously.

  1. Read Quran In Ramadan
  2. Pray In Time
  3. Sleep In Time
  4. Eat Healthy Food
  5. Make Supplication
  6. Personal Project You Will be Proud Of
  7. Workout
  8. Read Personal Development Book
  9. Choose Only One Good Show To Attend
  10. Do Something For Someone
  11. Separate Home From Work
  12. Family Time
  13. Learn One New Skill
  14. Charity

Don’t be overwhelmed it can seem too much but it is not, believe me once you get the rhythm you will master it for sure, and do even better and more efficient.

Read Quran in Ramadan

reading quran in ramadan

If you can complete reading the Quran in Ramadan at least once it will be awesome, I can tell you how easy it will become if you only start by reading 4 pages in each prayer, after 30 days you will be done for sure, this application will help you through this spiritual journey:

Quran for Android in ramadan
تطبيق مصحف تلاوة - رواية ورش عن نافع
in ramadan
تطبيق القرآن الكريم
in ramadan

In this Quran applications you will find many additional options, like translation, explanation, recitation, bookmark, search and much more, watch this little review for some more details (I’ll try to create new one in English soon):

If you can’t read the complete Quran it okay, read as much as you can the most important is to understand the meaning.

Pray In Time During Covid-19 In Ramadan

Pray In Time In Ramadan

Five time in a day, once you hear the Adhan (Prayer call) don’t procrastinate, pray after Adhan better from keeping it before the next one.

If you want you can add Duha (Morning), Ishraaq (Morning) and Tarawih (Night) prayer.

Do as much as you could if not at least preserve the five time prayer in a day, the following application is the best one I have ever used for prayer times, Qibla (prayer direction), reminder and more:

صلاتك Salatuk (Prayer time)

This way you’ll be connected with Allah so take advantage of the moment and make your best Dua (supplication).

Start in Ramadan and continue for the entire year.

Sleep In Time During Covid-19 In Ramadan

Sleep In Time in ramadan

I know this one will be very hard for most of night owl kind of people.

But take this honest advice from me, nothing compare to the early birds morning singing, try it and you will love it.

I used to think that productivity and creativity cannot be reached at once, always there will be a sacrifice between night owling and early birding battle.

No indeed who said that is totally wrong, creativity could be caught once you wake up and right before you go to sleep, in the other hand you have all the day long for productivity according your own personalized planning.

This way you can meditate all the night and charge your battery in order to follow all the steps efficiently.

The easiest application to help you in this will be Clock:

Alarm Clock For Samsung

All Samsung smartphones already include this application in the system.

The best time to go to sleep is 11pm in order to wake up at 6am, and in Ramadan if the Suhur (Meal before dawn) took one hour you can wake up at 7am.

If you are stuck in the late sleep vicious cycle, I’ll give you the solution and it worked each time, you have to let go one night of your life.

For example if you have insomnia and you go to sleep late at 2am, 3 am, 4am or more, don’t sleep that night.

This way in the next night you will be very exhausted and tired and you will sleep early, keep in mind to avoid any stimulant drinks or food before going to sleep.

Sleep early is the key factor, hold-on to it tight.

Eat Healthy Food During Covid-19 In Ramadan

Eat Healthy Food

Ramadan is a holy month where you need to focus more on the spiritual aspect.

Rather than craving on heavy food, try to take it slow and easy.

I’m very proud of Moroccan traditional recipes, that I found very healthy if you respect the exact appropriate portion at a time.

On the other hand various of international taste deserve to be tried at least once in a lifetime.

I have tried Asian food and to be honest it suit my style very well and I want you to try it for yourself.

It will help you stay healthy, lite and surprisingly it’s not that hard to make at home, especially the Korean.

Make Supplication During Covid-19 In Ramadan

Make Supplication

Open your hands and turn to Allah, Ask whatever you want, Allah is near to you no matter where you are.

Allah will respond to the invocation of your supplication when you are calling.

Do it with the believe and the trust that Allah will guide you when the time will come.

Try this supplication from Quran, These 51 Dua is very good to be your daily positive portion.

Daily Supplications - Ramadan 2020

Personal Project You Will be Proud Of

Personal Project

Think wisely and slowly, tickle your deepest dream.

Very carefully choose the most one that you feel in it, that you are the best version of yourself, that you could be extremely proud of, here and in the hereafter.

Help yourself, give hands to others, Ramadan has a goal, live with it and build your life quest.

It could be anything don’t limit yourself, and if you felt little empty, go surf kickstarter take a look around and you’ll be inspired.

I’ll be happy if you want to check my project first posts:

Right & left brain laptop cover review

How I have created my blog website

5 Questions you need to ask your self before creating a Website

Personal Project

Keep in mind that if someone see you, he will remember Allah.

And if someone deal with you, he will thank Allah.

Workout Planning during Covid-19 In Ramadan

Workout Planning during Covid-19

Pick whatever sport you feel yourself into it.

Especially if you are a gem kind of person, while staying at home don’t stop exercising.

The message here is to keep your blood flow going non stop.

In Youtube just tip your favorite exercise keyword and you can follow a channel that suite your planning, you will find plenty of choices.

If you don’t feel like it, just walk from side to side in your house, you can also set a number of steps goal for the day in Samsung Health application.

Samsung Health

Or try jumping jack, doing push-ups or some stretching in your place, it really work.

Or maybe do some free dance, everything is possible and practice don’t be shy no one is looking.

Read Personal Development Book during Covid-19 In Ramadan

Read Personal Development Book during Covid-19

Let say that you have planned your Quran reading before going to sleep, or better before Iftar (Meal after sunset and evening prayer).

Then in the morning it will be awesome and profitable lapse of time to sail in a good book.

I suggest “Die Empty” by Todd Henry, an amazing book that help understand how to unleash your best work every day it is a very applicable book with a lot of advices, planning tips and best practices to follow.

Check my list with amazing 50 book to read in 2020 collection in Pinterest.

Also in Amazon you can check the best selling books and choose what you’ll like the most.

And if you don’t have that much time for reading and you still want to improve yourself, you can of course listen instead for audible books.

Choose Only One Good Show To Attend In Ramadan

Choose Only One Good Show To Attend

The TV shows usually over whelming during the year, and in Ramadan 2020 Planning During Covid-19 surprisingly it’s even harder to keep up with all the numbers of good shows to attend.

If you are smart enough you will choose at least if not ever just one show to motivate yourself and get some positive push each day.

For this year I highly recommend Ala Abwab El-Fetan by Mustafa Hosny, this show will help you a lot to improve your spiritual level and be confident in your own skin while fighting your own battles.

Do Something For Someone During Covid-19 In Ramadan

Do Something For Someone

This something shouldn’t be specifically a gift (although it will be amazing and maybe you will make someone somewhere happy) as just a little smaller priceless thing can be even better.

Like a cup of water, or turn a light off for someone, as long as you are doing it voluntarily with love.

Do one thing at least each day and you’ll discover that you’ll be happy even more than the one that you served or helped.

There is one creative application idea called Be My Eyes.

It connects you with a global community of volunteers and company representatives who are ready at a moment’s notice to help others (Blind people in need of a favour) see.

Be My Eyes - See the world together

Separate Home From Work During Covid-19 In Ramadan

Separate Home From Work

Most of you will be in the lockdown working from home, and jumping from time to time to the personal chosen project.

Ramadan 2020 Planning During Covid-19 will help you Keep everything organized.

This will be for sure impacting your mood for productivity stat.

And most important, keep your job work separated from your personal work and home tasks.

Simply set a timer whenever you are hopping from one to another, you can use the same clock mentioned earlier or you can try another professional Stopwatch Timer.

Stopwatch Timer

And if you are someone who get easily destructed, there is one little trick from “Die Empty” that you can apply so if you are lost in time you will not loose more than one hour with Blip Blip (hourly chime).

Blip Blip (hourly chime)

Family Time During Covid-19 In Ramadan

family time

Your family will understand your work and being busy for too long, from time to time take a break time and enjoy a little chat once in a while to refresh your routine and share ideas.

Meal time is the perfect moment to bring joy and sense of humor to everyone to break the ice and listen to each other stories, also some basic tasks could be shared with family members to help in the home matters.

One other thing you could do to stay connect while each member in his room doing their planning, you can create a WhatsApp group and share whatever you want fast and easy.

WhatsApp Messenger

Also you can video call your family that you cannot visit, because you are respecting the rules.

Learn One New Skill During Covid-19 In Ramadan

learn one new skill

Time passed anyway, whether you are on social media scrolling or in some random non important talk about something that may make you feel guilty once you are done with it.

Take the good decision and pick a new skill to learn to improve yourself and increase your opportunities, so you can find a new hobby or interest that could change you life entirely if you took it seriously.

You can learn a new language, instrument, art or field.

Just so you know if you learn some new cooking recipe online it’s counted also, big or small consistent what it matter the most.

There is a tone of courses online paid and free.

My advice for you is to invest in yourself and build your future wisely.

Charity During Covid-19 In Ramadan

think about charity really carefully.

One last thing you need to think about it really carefully.

Everyone seeking success and happiness everyday all day, and this is absolutely okay.

Better to dream and follow your heart, you will not know it may lead you to a brighter place.

And the rule is obvious to reach what you want through Ramadan 2020 Planning During Covid-19.

Help others and Allah will help you and look after you each day all the day.

Try to count the real grace you have already and you will be speechless that it’s uncountable.

Look for charity program in your country, and ask who is truly in need.

Just a little will serve a lot.

Attijari donations area

For example here in Morocco if you have your bank account in Attijari, you will look for the payment section, there you will find the donations area.

Attijari Mobile 2020

You can do it, don’t think too much, and jump right to the action you will thank me later when you will get the fruit of it, because in reality you are the one who’ll get all goodness after all.

You can have the map, and there can be gas in the tank, but unless you’re willing to fire up the engine and put your foot on the gas, you’ll never get anywhere.

Intention and theory don’t change the world; decisive action does.

Die Empty

So take the lead of your life and make it countable, live it to the limit and be proud, while following this Ramadan 2020 Planning During Covid-19.

Did you realized that Ramadan 2020 Planning During Covid-19 can be a lifetime planning.

Start in this Ramadan and let it flow through your routine.

Stay home, stay safe, and I’ll see you soon.

Keep up the good,