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How I have created my blog website

Hello again divergent.

How are you doing today.

I hope perfect as usual even with all our imperfections and life struggles from day to day, but we need to be strong, this is what we are made for, and everyone has their own respectful perspective for that.

After my first post it wasn’t easy for me at all as it may look or sound to take my phone or laptop and start writing my second hopefully expected post for at least a few closed people, while I’m leaning for every day and I’m wanting to, since I’m loving it and wanting it to grow more and more today before tomorrow as soon as possible, hopefully with commitment and planning I’ll keep it all putted together going even when I’m feeling like it is a real hustle with an 8 am to 6 pm full time job (Plus a whole hour to get there back and forth, of course I’m not complaining DAAAH ).

It look like impossible from down here, but for sure this is why it called “Hustle” exactly like the hustle and bustle of this big city, only that it’s lovely to my heart even though it may feel more like an unseen force that move me hurriedly or unceremoniously in a specified direction that my soul is choosing for me.

I don’t know how?

But I’m liking this way of writing in question/answer form.

I know it keep me focused and precise, otherwise we can start talking “Udemy” and finishing in some far away “Mindvalley” ocean, if you catch what I meant.

Whatever…..for me it has this sort of fun fact to it.

1-Why I have chosen to create a complete CMS from scratch?

To be honest like I have already mentioned thoroughly in my first post, about the main purpose to create this website by myself was all over and still to have the ability to share the knowledge and spread positive energy all around, while learning  new skills through the way and I did, also living a second more flexible side dream, in order to switch this flexibility back to my everyday life.

I know now days, most people online are more likely to be lousy lazy and thinking self-apathy sometimes, and WordPress Drupal or Joomla, usually is the go for platform choice to be considered when you are starting a new website especially if you are a dummy beginner blogger feeling like limited skill person or a very busy old business person and you need a ready tool to manage your digital content out there, while it looked to me as an easy beautiful escape at the beginning to end up with a heavy costly unwanted handcuffs, this could be accepted when you are ready to spend some extra cash on it , but basically as a self-designer and programmer (Designing the font end plus coding the backend) it wasn’t even an option and of course it was a great challenge for me to play around from scratch.

Yes, I have chosen to create it from scratch because it’s my passion since my childhood to be involved in something creative and profitable. 

Secondly because technology helped me a lot, like a “lot” and still and I’m determined that I’ll go deep in each little detail in the future coming posts to tell you how I get here and explain to you the secret behind every up and down in a friendly helping way to learn something new as well by yourself, and to be inspired or at least enjoy watching handy technology that I have liked.

Now the CMS (Content management system) if you didn’t know, very simply and shortly is an online platform combining and connecting the website pages with the database and the admin dashboard all together for better posting experience.

So building a complete CMS Blog for me was a beautiful celebration between PHP, HTML, MySQL and Bootstrap from scratch with Udemy help and to be very very exact the amazing Jazeb Akram online tutor was my guide in this journey, so from this window I send him all my appreciation and gratitude for his patience and easy construction that I was able to personalized all to suit my own vision, so keep in mind I’m planning also to create a complete review about it, therefore, I recommend him very strongly for those of you who need just this little precious push to get here with some serious hardworking and persistent.

Don’t worry I had my confusion too at the beginning when I was just started thinking to create a professional website Blog on my own without using a platform while searching for a job in the same time, So I did my research and why not I have asked for help from expert, for example like this (Can you help me with some confusions):

  • It is better to use a platform like WordPress (In term of coding, hosting and domain name), and which platform is the best? Yes WordPress is the best but with all respect not for me.
  • The whole Blog website code is it Static (Html and CSS) or dynamic (Html and CSS, PHP and MySQL or any other server side programming language) ?  Of course it is dynamic, you cannot put all in the client side.
  • Which method is better, designing in Photoshop or using only HTML/CSS technique?  Both is great and I have chosen the second even though I love using photoshop as well.
  • If I buy a blog template it should be fast and easy right? Yes it should be, but where is the fun in doing so, in my opinion for now, for sure it’s more than fun for another ready grownup business.
  • Can I create my own professional CMS Blog website from scratch with HTML, PHP, MySQL and Bootstrap? Of course you can I have found a complete course for this, stay tuned for more details.

2-Define your goal and jump right into it already:

Before continuing I just wanted to mention that once I have decided to create a website preparing to turn it into a business, I have decided to start using legal tools which means only working with apps that I bought originally,  free licensed version or searching for open source alternatives application to save and respect all the copyrights, so keep that in mind.  

Now if you had such an idea in mind or maybe in any other field and you are seeking success, please don’t hesitate, just organize your thoughts and jump into it, it may work or may not but at least you will have the chance to try it, and sometimes this is what matters the most, so first thing first, and just so you know I was speaking to me:  

  • Stop stressing about the money all the time and focus on the creativity and self-assessment, so for the CMS creation the most important points is that hosting won’t cost you more than 10$/month, think about all the stupid unworthy stuff that you normally would spend 10$ on monthly unconsciously.
  • Pick a topic already, you can choose  for example “Life balance” factors if you don’t want to earn from your blog and keep it general like writing about everything you want without picking a niche, for example like running a half marathon, getting over your fear of public speaking, or your very own experience with awesome products brands.
  • Or what about blogging about things  you like From Sample technology practice to photography and  programming……, It could only takes from 2 to 3 articles a month or less depending on your commitment and good well.

If all this looks or feels overwhelming just speak to your soul and decide which part you love and start with.
While I would love to follow that with more open subject like Social, Love, Work, Finance, Health, Spiritual, Self-care and much more.

For me to keep it coming, I listed:

3-The 7 things that I’m very passionate about:

  • Nature  
  • Technology  
  • Photography  
  • Health  
  • Sport  
  • Games  
  • Youtube  

All this in one hand is good, unfortunately in another hand, for almost all six figures advice is to resume all this in one particular niche in order to target people with CEO for more traffic and obviously better earning, this is why for the moment I’m focusing more on technology rather than anything else, and I would like to share my own strategy too. 

And if you found yourself postponing from day to day with no clue, just set:

4-The 7 most things that you are afraid of:  

Of course everyone will always show only the strong face if they could, but deep inside the mirrors say something else better not to believe it, it not always the truth, and the same brain can have two voices in the same time.

  • I may failed: just keep trying you’ll get there.  
  • Stay at home all the time doesn’t suite me: you are free you can choose from where you’ll work, take your computer and connection with you anywhere, isn’t this sounds amazing. 
  • Incapable to create a business: believe in yourself and just take the first step, it will flow naturally, you have it deep inside and you are nothing less than anyone that already reached there before you, your moment will come too. 
  • Being a loser: It’s nice to be in the first place time after time, But just because you’re not on a winner doesn’t mean you’re a loser.  
  • Not making my family proud of me: and who doesn’t want his family to be proud of him, I will love them forever though unconditionally.  
  • Being alone: when I was younger it was a big dream for me to be completely alone in small place in the middle of unlimited water, but once I was left once not completely alone unfortunately I was very scared of the idea of being alone in lonely loneliness, of course Allah with me and this is enough, also in the opposite, when you are online you are never alone even if it’s just a virtual place. 
  • Lost in time: Time will pass anyway, and spending more time in something alike will be the win-win case in different life balance choices.  

Now, to force yourself to getup repeatedly right before you surrender, go ahead and set:  

5-The 7 common problems that you may have: 

Don’t be negative there is no problem without a solution, there is only a soul without a fighting spirit, here I’m talking to my brain while motivating you: I need to learn more about DSLR camera settings to start creating good quality content: Phone for the moment can be a temporary solution as start, improvement will come sooner or later.  

  • I have no one to help me on this but myself and Allah blessing: trust yourself and take advantage from your skills, also Google is a great help after Allah guidance.  
  • Seeking new job opportunities is time consuming (The business idea may fail after six month) : anything in this worldly life can fail suddenly, the key word always and forever is never give up, there is light in a new job, new project and definitely completely new relationship, just stay positive. 
  • I need in parallel to finish designing my new resume update, that I’m counting on : do your best in every little detail after all you did and people are liking it anyone can do anything, what you really need is a dream and patience to learn, apply, repeat and innovate, and you need consistent and time, and you can be welling only that time pass so fast so better to take care today. 
  • I need to develop my website blog with php and html with absolutely no experience from A to Z with only my beginner skills that is all in almost a deep hibernation : yes you did and this is a big jump for us, let keep it going on and on, nonstop, you just use me and think and I’ll take care of everything else.   
  • I didn’t decide yet all the tools that  I’ll work with (MAMP, AMPPS, Photoshop, Inkscape, Dreamweaver or NetBeans….) : always as a beginner open source tools like  NetBeans, AMPPS, phpMyAdmin and GIMP is very handy and can do the job very professionally. 
  • I have some money saved for the startup but I’m afraid wasting it all on nothing: money came and goes, at least it will be worth it.  

Okay, for sure you are asking yourself why is this for? It’s for an open minded thinking, don’t you know that setting, understanding and accepting the chaos help tremendously overcoming every single one. 

6-Prepare the wire framing:

The key factor to get you jump right into this is to have start with listing the website features like I did since I choose to write about technology subjects and bearing with the niche definition temporarily as starting strategy, so with a modest navigation bar like the following, something has started:

  • About  
  • Blog  
  • Video  
  • More  
  • Resume  
  • Contact   

And with a very sample basic page area design like this one, It’s not a dream anymore: 

This style could be optimized of course in the future with another mini-project planning like adding the Arabic language switch button, next to a bunch of to-do-list already in the mind and action plan. 

So, If you were just passing by, nice to have you, if you learned something new I’ll be very happy to help you more, and if you have enjoyed only reading my inside voice, stay tuned I’ll do my best to keep you up lifted even more. 

Any way I hope now you know how someone not so average can challenge his self and do something someone else may find it crazy or time wasting such as creating a blog website, writing posts constantly or reviewing products, but for me it’s my side-side hustle and for you it could be a drop in your life journey. 

Thank you so much and see you soon.

Keep up the good,

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