I am Who I Am!

With Passion For New technology, And More.

Only me, my mind and soul, swimming out in the unknownness, I get one loving heart and an old passion for my rising glory wish. I want to share my world with you.  

Hello there…..I hope you are doing honesty very well.  Now you are the one reading my voice in this gap of time a special visitor to me…..myself and I. 

So welcome here inside my baby blog website witnessing the growth, it’s an honor to me for you to read my mind words circles ……So Let get started by you first, between us you were for sure looking for something?! ………… Maybe you are messing it out there somehow, and it’s absolutely understandable with a big okay because we are all looking and we will all keep doing until we get there….. 

Starting by you 

You know where….. The bright end of the tunnel, I will tell you where I am, exactly and precisely, but before that please take your moment and try to answer me mind to mind (writing acceptable too, don’t hesitate or be shy, I’ll make it easer for you just click Contact me).  

Now more seriously.  

Are you lost in time? 

Did you forget how to really Smile? 

Your mind, is it quietly freezing or insanely crowded? 

Are you still dreaming? 

Did you choose your goal, did you try …I mean really try reaching out?

Did you draw your comfort zone, are you still in there? 

Where learning stands in your personal priorities, of course it’s not the last right…I’m certain and you can ask me how? (Again go ahead ๐Ÿ™‚๐Ÿ˜Contact me).  

Don’t worry we can keep going more and more further, but wait a moment…….. what’s more importantly matter.

Do you need some open minded optimistic positivity free friendly electrons (please don’t spell it, I know electron is indeed negative, in fact it’s a metaphorically mind set where nothing impossible) ยฟ ๐Ÿ˜ I know you do want that even if in the atom form, I know that this is wanted because I have been there, way ago for a very long time, so I understand this and more, and I’m telling you that you have land in the right spot in the right time, believe it, it’s never too late so never say never.

Chill out you did your turn and you did it well, so our mind supporting journey together started now here and maybe one day we can meet for real and celebrate it. ๐Ÿ†๐ŸŽŠ๐ŸŽ‰

My turn 

Mouna is my very own name, you can write it short too.

Mona vocal sound was and still lovely to be heard in my ears louder and louder softly, like a hero acclaim or a leader cheering, of course the modesty was and still there, so why not dreaming big and go for it no matter what it takes. Don’t take it too serious it wasn’t like this all the time. 

Now I’ll tell you my “short long” story from the beginning back to a very old past April month where the lovely rose pink blossoms ๐ŸŒธ flying and falling everywhere…..I have came to this world so: 


“Here I am, this is me
I come into this world so wild and free
Here I am, so young and strong
Right here in the place where I belong

It’s a new world, it’s a new start…..”


–Bryan Adams–

 And so on from the very beginning it’s wasn’t easy like it’s looked to draw a target and take the lead through challenges and chaos.

So let’s be honest, of course family, brothers, sisters, friends and tutors had an extra impact…….but the shocking truth is that all the resistance, brilliantly and rising must and will come from deep within, and this is my message that can be shared widely and multiply formed and differently built, So obviously this is why I have decided to sacrifice my precious time and an important investment to create this blog website not only pursuing my dream but to help others do the same get advantage of all this great new technologies that we had today to create better future intuitively heard.

Yes life is not really about me or you but about –The lives of everyone we TOUCH ๐ŸŒˆ —

 Here I’m taking you with me in this journey step by step, hand by hand with ideas, knowledge and lots of valuable advices, since I have watched tremendously (Movies, Documentaries, Successful stories, Motivational Videos ……………), played a lot (Super Mario, Tomb Raider, Adventure, strategy, puzzle, PES2016, Grand Theft Auto ………..), studied a ton (Experimental Science, Private Law, Automation, Economic Science, Computer Science, Systems engineering and project management), and worked harder to find ways to do it smarter (Assistant, commercial assistant, financial assistant, Executive assistant, Finishing Engineer), and now I’m in the self E-learning ride. 

So of course now you are asking yourself “Why?”

Why I’m doing this ?…..

Yes for my self to be a business owner, then a successful entrepreneur, yes for my family to be proud of me and how I turned to be like they dreamed one day, and yes for my message to be spreads worldwide, for you to learn what I have learned and be inspired how technology is a useful tool not a controlling machine, to come up with new smart and easy ways of doing old unwanted things.

Now repeat with me:

ุณุฃุตุจุฑ ุญุชู‰ ูŠุนุฌุฒ ุงู„ุตุจุฑ ุนู† ุตุจุฑูŠโ€œ
ุณุฃุตุจุฑ ุญุชู‰ ูŠู†ุธุฑ ุงู„ุฑุญู…ู† ููŠ ุฃู…ุฑูŠ
ุณุฃุตุจุฑ ุญุชู‰ ูŠุนู„ู… ุงู„ุตุจุฑ
โ€ุฃู†ูŠ ุตุจุฑุช ุนู„ู‰ ุดุฆู ุฃู…ุฑู‘ ู…ู† ุงู„ุตุจุฑ

ุนู„ูŠ ุจู† ุฃุจูŠ ุทุงู„ุจ

“I will be patient until even patience tires of my patience.

I will be patient until The Most Merciful look at my task.

I will be patient until even patience know that i was patient on something even bigger than patience.”

–Ali ibn Abi Talib–

Go ahead, don’t stop, Don’t give up, stay positive. 

All together.โœŠ

We are stronger when together. ๐Ÿ’ช

Keep up the good,

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