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5 Questions you need to ask your self before creating a Website

In this very first article I’m going to answer the basic 5 questions everyone need to ask them selfs before thinking to start creating their own website, based on my experience creating, have a great time around.

Hello, here divergent.

Welcome to your home.

I’m very happy to host you today in this virtual actual moment.

Finally……after a very long time I have get here.

And I feel very proud and overwhelmed to gift you this work.

So if you are one of my parents “Believe it”, or if you are one of my brothers and sister “Yes it’s real”, if you are one of my tutor “Thanks to you”, or if you are one of my friends “Swim around and comment back” and if you are my good idol “Cherish it” , but if you are the divergent passenger “I’m your voice, guide and inspiration”. 

Sorry for taking too long entering with you, Indeed it is my first post so at least I have all the right to do it so and take it slow but steady, right. 

Now, come discover with me how this blog saw the light of January 2019, so in order to get directly to the point and stick to the plan it will be like answering several linked questions, together. 

Here is an overview of what we will cover:

1-Why I decided to create a website in the first place?

2-What is the purpose of this blog?

3-Why did I choose to create a blog around this specific niche?

4-What do I know intimately about technology?

5-How I’ll help you through glory wish?

With that being listed let get started already.

1-Why I decided to create a website in the first place?

Well, I was younger and I had a dream, to reach out and speak louder and express my mind, I had a dream to design, draw and create a real Master piece from scratch all the way until it’s completed and fulfilled a high purpose. 

After that I was determined to share what I have learned through out all this years, and help others as well to learn new things and develop their personal and professional life easily. 

Now, I did it and it wasn’t easy nor hard but a mixture of emotions and trials day and night filled with wishes and glories each step  yes it doable only with commitment, and still like that maybe even more continuously flowing. 

Later on not far away I’ll keep pushing it towards my goals seeking improvement in entrepreneurship wide-world……….so wish me luck. 

2-What is the purpose of this blog?

To be honest, the main purpose was and still sharing the knowledge and spreading positive energy all around, while living a second side hustle.  

Once I started investing a good amount  on it, it becomes a must to create some passive income along the road to help at least maintain it going non stop. 

3-Why did I choose to create a blog around this specific niche?

If you asked me what I really want, I’m against being only in a specific niche, why?, because it’s a fact that I have a great passion for technology but there is much more to share and it maybe in deferent niche, this is why I tend to be in the general side. 

I searched a lot about this subject and I watched many videos explaining the pros and cons of every choice, also I have listened to several niche or not niche webinar discussing each strategy a side, and reading the latest blog out there treating the subject, and the result was that if blogging is just a hobbit it okay to be general and post about anything you like, but if you are wanting to turn it to a real business, witch I’m looking for, it is recommended to choose a niche and stick to until you started getting to know your audience, only then you can start shifting toward your most wanted subject. 

4-What do I know intimately about technology? 

Between us, I’ll try my best to stay sample, to the point, and summarized as much as I could, even if for me technology started by discovering new optimized tool from outside, entering the software space and playing around with confident without being afraid from broking it or messing the system dramatically all this thanks to my parents in my first steps. 

Next, I started making my hand dirty while opening any device I get my sight on, of course mostly to fix it, and sometimes on purpose to break it for the sake of knowledge. 

Then one day I was setting in front of my computer as usual and it pop-up in my head, this curiosity idea how this thing really work with both software and hardware it must be a sort of communication going on. 

Now I have already studied automation and computer science, and I’m drowning in it from my head to my feet happily maybe after. 

5-How I’ll help you through glory wish?  

By sharing with you my experience in everything I have learned, from how I created this website who helped and guided me, and which platform, services and tools I have used to get here. 

By answering your questions, and listening to your stories, I’m planning to make it a win-win deal where you can read my mind and I can turn this thoughts to something greater. 

From computer science, automation and Engineering to the auto self-learning, blogging and playing with technology, I’ll keep giving you tips and tricks, to be better, feel awesome, complete something when you incorporate some real management and leadership sparkles to the recipe. 

I’ll try my best and you do as well from your perspective window, and for me to teach something useful, creative, and if you just touch some positivity mixture and start believing in yourself again if you’re not already, my mission will be fulfilled. 

Finally, I’ll lead you to every resource I have tried or I’m planning to test or I’m wishing to try but I didn’t get the chance to do yet, fortunately mostly it will be free, and sometimes it will be payed, if you are a beginner take it easy, but if you are a little bit more advanced, don’t worry, I may get a commission but it will not charge you anything more than the basic cost, plus you may get a discount if you go through my affiliate links. 

Once you have answered all this previous question, or at least the first one you will be able to start thinking about creating your very own website, just make the first step and leave the rest on me, I’ll show you the way.

Only keep in mind that writing is like a very long continuous discussion….

Last but not least, This Worldly Life has an end, you know, sooner or later we are all going to leave one day, so please keep that in mind and fulfill your quest from deep within to the top of you, and die empty, yes you read me well, die empty

Take care and I’ll see you soon. 

Keep up the good,